About Watermark Church

Becoming Whole-Hearted Followers of Jesus

Watermark Church is a new church community launching January 12th in Worthington, Ohio. We want to support you in your journey to become a whole-hearted follower of Jesus in every aspect of life.

Meet Rick and Wendy Young

I grew up in Canton, Ohio in a preacher’s home and my family was at church every Sunday and Wednesday. I walked an aisle at the age of 5 for salvation and baptism to please my parents and fulfill any expectation. I did not believe that salvation was from Jesus. I believed that because I was a good person, I attended church all the time, and I was a preacher’s kid that I would go to heaven. When I was 13, a youth worker asked me one night if I was sure I was going to heaven. I began to tell him about my father’s position in the church and how good I was, but he kindly showed me how wrong I was. I needed Jesus as my Savior. That night I went home realizing that if I died that night I would not spend eternity with God. I woke my parents up and told them that I needed to get saved. My parents knelt with me beside their bed where I asked Christ to save me. My life was changed forever.

My Christian life has been a journey of ups and downs that always leads me back to the cross. When I was a senior in high school I felt the Lord calling me into ministry, but I ran from the calling. I went to college with the aspirations of being a history teacher and coaching football, but God had other plans. After struggling my first two years of school and running out of money, I went home for a semester and began serving at church. God began to work on my heart, and I surrendered to fulltime ministry. I went back to school and changed my major to follow the Lord’s calling.

I started dating a young lady with a heart for ministry, and she’s been my wife for the past 24 years. Wendy loves the Lord and was called into ministry at the age of 17. The Lord knew I needed her as a helpmate in the work He’s called me to do. I began my journey with 19 years of youth ministry, and for the past 5 years I have been a campus pastor. We’ve been blessed with 3 incredible children who’ve played a major role in the church start we currently serve, and we’ve seen them grow in their faith.

The last 24 years of marriage, family, and ministry have had their challenges, but they’ve been full of more blessings than we ever could have imagined. I love serving the Lord Jesus and teaching others how to use their lives for Him. We are eager to see how Jesus lead’s us in the future church plant.

References for Rick and Wendy Young

“I can’t think of a couple that I’ve learned more about life and ministry from than Rick and Wendy Young. They have modeled faithful, multiplying ministry for over 25 years where people are consistently coming to faith in Jesus. I am so excited and have no doubt that will continue as they plant a strong and healthy church in Columbus, Ohio! Their strong marriage and ministry will be a blessing to the people in their city.”

Matt Lawson – Lead Pastor
Story City Church – Burbank, CA.

“When you serve with a person for sixteen years you get to know him. I have watched and observed Rick in many situations. I have never seen him act unkind. I have never seen him lose his temper. He has always been Christlike even when he had every human reason not to. Rick and Wendy obey Christ’s two greatest commandments to love God and love others. They really do! They are committed to His Word, His church, and His Gospel. It is with great pleasure and much confidence that I highly commend Rick and Wendy Young to you as potential partners.”

Allan Taylor – Director, Sunday School & Church Education Ministry
LifeWay Christian Resources

“Through the years I have met hundreds of church planters. Many have potential, but some stand out as special. That’s the only way I know how to describe Rick and Wendy—they stand out. God has blessed their ministries and I’ve been honored to walk with them. They are ready to follow God into this new calling and without any hesitation, I encourage you to join their team and be a part of this new work.”

Al Gilbert – Exec. Dir. Church Mobilization
North American Mission Board, SBC