Our Vision

Becoming Whole-Hearted Followers of Jesus

If you want to understand our mission, you need to understand what we believe following Jesus is all about. Jesus said, “Follow me!” He was not offering an invitation to a destination, rather it was an invitation to a relationship with a Person who would radically change one’s way of life.

What was true then is true today.

Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with Jesus which results in radical life change. Following Jesus is the heart of Christianity. As we study Jesus in the New Testament, we find that his life was all about relationships. First, his relationship with the Father, second, his relationship with his disciples, and third, his relationship with the people who didn’t know God at all.

The goal of Watermark Church is for people to become Jesus Followers and live out three key relational areas:


A Jesus follower grows in Christ personally and daily.


A Jesus follower connects in
community in large group
and small group.


A Jesus follower shares in God’s mission locally and globally.

We value…

The Gospel

The Gospel is not just something we teach or something we learn. It is the redemption story of God for mankind and the reason we do everything we do.

the radical grace of jesus for all people

Central to our ministry is the fact that people matter to God. No one
is too bad, too mad, or too far from God to matter to Him. We value
all people, regardless of background, messes, and successes. We will
do everything we can to help people meet Jesus and we will never
stop doing it.

the neighborhood

Wherever a Jesus Follower lives, there should be a tangible,
visible, Jesus presence. We serve the communities that sustain us.
We will value the neighborhood through creative, daily, strategic
intentionality, generosity, and service in everyday life.

& change

We have the great privilege of telling the greatest story of all.
Creativity, excellence, and change help us deliver a timeless
message in a timely manner.

Developing the
potential of people

Jesus drives the church that is fueled by people’s talents and service. The job of Watermark Church staff is to develop people to serve the body of Christ in our community.


Because the life of a Jesus follower is not a solo flight but a community journey, we are intentional about building community. The New
Testament is filled with stories of a community who shares life together. Connection Groups are a huge part of what we are trying to accomplish in connecting people to the life of a Jesus follower.

in the fight

We desire to be participants in the movement of the Gospel. As we are always moving forward in the mission of God, we will act boldly and confidently towards the direction and vision God has given us. We will be a Gospel advancing church.